“PT Mitra Bisnis Keluarga Ventura” (MBK) or “Family Business Partners” is a microfinance institution (MFI) regulated by the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (known as OJK), and licensed as a non-bank finance company. Using the Grameen Bank methodology, MBK provides working capital to low-income women to provide them with formal and cost-effective financial services (financial inclusion), to reduce their vulnerability, and improve their lives. MBK’s objective is to contribute to the government’s Sustainable Development Goals, particularly in fighting poverty and empowering women.

MBK launched its operations in 2003, and is the third largest Grameen Bank replicator in Indonesia serving more than 1.52 million low-income women, after the state-owned company PNM Mekaar with 12 million clients, and the privately-owned commercial bank BTPN Sharia with 4 million clients. MBK is the largest private, non-bank finance institution implementing the Grameen Bank business model in Indonesia. The average outstanding financing per client amounts to 9 percent of the national Gross National Income (GNI) per capita.

MBK Ventura provides the following financial products to its female borrowers:

(a) Working Capital Financing: MBK provides finance without collateral at the borrowers’ doorstep, using group-based financing. It also provides individual financing without collateral to women who have graduated from the group-based financing model and who have entrepreneurial ability and ambition.

(b) Water and Sanitation: MBK provides financing at a subsidized rate and without collateral to low-income borrowers who do not have adequate water and sanitation facilities to improve their health and hygiene, and provide a safe environment particularly for women and children.

(c) Improvement of Business Premises: MBK provides financing without collateral to low-income borrowers who wish to renovate their business premises to improve their working environment, health and hygiene, and raise their productivity.

MBK’s additional objective is to learn best practices from leading MFIs around Asia, adapt them to Indonesia, and actively disseminate these best practices to Indonesian-based MFIs through information sharing, network conferences and site visits to its head office and branches. MBK has actively supported at least six prominent Grameen Replicators in Indonesia and in Timor Leste.

Total Clients

Total Clients with Financing

% Women

% Estimated clients below poverty line

Employees (99% women)


Gross portfolio outstanding (IDR billion)

Gross portfolio outstanding (US$ million)

Non- performing finance > 90 days (OJK measure)

Average ticket size (IDR million)

Average ticket size (US$)

Outstanding financing size per client (IDR million)

Outstanding financing size per client (US$)

Outstanding client financing as % GNI per capita

Non-performing financing (PAR > 30 days)

Return on Investment (yt, yt-1)

30 June 2023

















Latest Ratings & Certificates

PEFINDO Credit Rating Agency (December 2021): (id)BBB+/outlook stable

Fitch Rating (May 2018): BBB+ (idn)/outlook stable

Social Performance (Planet Rating 2014): 4-

Client Protection Certificate (Cerise and SPTF Team, April 2022): Certification level: Gold


MIX Market Ranking (CGAP / World Bank)

2009 : #1 out of 1,600 MFIs in the world

2008 : #1 out of 1,300 MFIs in the world

2007 : #25 out of 1,100 MFIs in the world


2008 : Grameen Foundation Excellence Award

2008 : Unitus Inc. Achievement Award

2007 : Ernst & Young Finalist, Social Entrepreneur Indonesia