Throughout 2023, The Company, Board of Directors and staff will continue strive to improve products and services for debtors/clients. Consistently and sincerely, Company makes endless efforts to understand needs, overcome economic and social gaps as well as literacy limitations financial experience experienced by debtor/client. We will also continue to carry out training and outreach regarding financial literacy in collaboration with a team from the OJK (Financial Services Authority).

Company believes that great sustainable development is an effort to improve the quality of human life as a whole and also comprehensively between all environmental elements that influence each other.

PT MBK Ventura has implemented Sustainable Finance Action Plan programs and supports the achievement of 4 of the 17 Aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals for the world and society to make it safer, cleaner, more developed and more prosperous, namely:

1.No poverty

In accordance with the Company's Vision, improve the standards of as many low-income families as possible and support the Government's goal of alleviating poverty.

2.Gender Equality

The company provides working capital for low-income women who are productive in order to increase their family income.

3.Clean Water and Sanitation

It is one of our products where we really support families to live healthy because there are still many families who don't have clean water facilities or their own bathroom.

4.Climate Action

The company supports the Green Operation program in the office space by using LED lights and placing some live ornamental plants to reduce room temperature.

Several activities and achievements throughout 2023:

1. By the end of 2023, PT MBK Ventura has opened 896 branches and served 1,416,526 low-income customers throughout Java, Sumatra, and Bali, including providing financial literacy to all customers.

2. Collaborate with MR. D.I.Y by providing donations as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in the form of household products worth IDR 525,000,000 to 1,000 women who own MSMEs.

3. Conducting several corporate social responsibility activities including easing the burden on victims due to disasters that occur, such as floods, landslides, tornadoes and others. Assistance is provided in the form of cash and basic necessities, as well as direct involvement in disaster emergency response programs coordinated with the local Disaster Management Agency

Click here for the details of the 2023 MBK Sustainable Finance Action Report