MBK's Sustainable Finance Action Goals include:


Help reduce poverty levels by providing financial products and services that are inclusive, simple and safe in a sustainable manner and thus generate a fair return.


Providing financial service products that are easily accessible, available at any time, and supported by the application of information technology.

Business process:

Providing financial services that integrate social risk and governance into products, services and business decision making as well as running more environmental friendly operations.

Financial Literacy:

Organizing financial literacy learning methods that are specific, easy to understand, and effective as a form of support for the creation of financial inclusion that is evenly distributed throughout the company's operational areas.

Learning and Growth:

Developing the capacity and capability of the company, both internally and through partnerships, to implement and improve the quality of sustainable finance in accordance with the needs of customers, business development direction and sustainability goals, especially in the social, community and environmental fields, such as: financing customers who work in the waste sector, be vigilant customer businesses that pollute the environment or whose business is on the Negative List.

Click here for the details of the 2020 MBK Sustainable Finance Action Report