Management Information System

Computerized MIS

MBK has adopted BR.Net, the MIS produced by Craft Silicon of Bangalore, India for its portfolio management and accounting systems. This is a cloud-based system which is accessed by branches using the internet.

The software produces payment schedules and outstanding balances of principal and profit-sharing by client, centre, and field officer, as well as for the whole branch, district or programme. It also produces portfolio at risk at the centre, field officer and branch levels. It contains an extensive client database or “Know Your Customer” (KYC) information system, including name, age, address, identity card number, and socio-economic information such per capita income, family size, and housing index per loan cycle for all clients.

The accounting application produces general ledgers, and monthly trial balances and financial statements at the branch, regional and national level.

MBK has selected an area-based MIS system.

Human Resource Management System

MBK currently employs 6,500 employees. MBK makes use of a specialized human resource management software in head office to efficiently and accurately process payroll, income tax, health and accident insurance, performance evaluation, and rotation of such a large and expanding workforce