International Best Practice and Transparency

From the outset, MBK has committed itself to meeting international best practice in operational management, financial management and reporting. With a focused approach, tailor-made staff development, detailed operations manuals, regular field monitoring and supervision, internal and external audits, and computerized portfolio management and accounting systems, MBK wants to ensure that operations grow smoothly, rapidly, transparently and efficiently.

MBK is Ruby Sponsor of Micro Finance Transparency International

MF Transparency is a global initiative for fair and transparent pricing in the microfinance industry. It is the venue for the microfinance industry to publicly demonstrate its commitment to pricing transparency, integrity and poverty alleviation. Its vision is a microfinance industry operating with healthy free market conditions where consumers and other stakeholders can make informed decisions.

MBK Endorses Smart Campaign, Centre for Financial Inclusion, ACCION International

Financial services have the power to help people improve their lives, sometimes dramatically so. However, if offered carelessly or used improperly, financial services – especially credit – can also cause harm. The Smart Campaign seeks to unite microfinance providers worldwide to develop and implement standards for the appropriate treatment of low-income clients based on seven principles.

MBK obtained the SMART Campaign Client Protection Certificate in December 2014. It is one of only 33 MFIs in the world to obtain this coveted certificate (as of May 2015).

Social Performance Standards Reporting, MIXMarket (CGAP/World Bank)

MBK reports regularly to the MIXMarket using the Social Performance Standards Reporting format.