Management Team, Head Office

Villy Melawati

Regional Head of Operations West Java

Degree in Agriculture, Institute of Agriculture Bogor (IPB), Bogor.

Villy joined MBK as Deputy of Field Office Manager, then was successfully promoted to Field Office Manager, Area Supervisor, and Assistant Regional Manager. She assumed her present position as Regional Head of Operations, West Java in 2004.

Joined MBK in 2008.

Hendri Jachja

Head, Internal Audit

Degree in Banking, Banking Academy, Veteran University, Jakarta.

Hendri worked for 18 years for private Bank Anrico, Jakarta, in various positions including Branch Manager for two years. He Joined MBK as Internal Auditor and was promoted to Deputy Head, Internal Audit, in March 2010, before assuming his present position as Head, Internal Audit in November 2011.

Joined MBK in 2010.

Asriany (Ria)

Head, Accounting

Degree in Accountancy, Mercu Buana University, Jakarta.

Ria joined MBK as Accounting Officer and was promoted to Accounting Supervisor in 2008. She assumed her present position as Head of Accounting in 2010.

Joined MBK in 2005.


Head, Management Information System

Degree in Electrical engineering, Muhammadiyah University, Yogyakarta.

Jatnika worked as field officer in Jambi for two years, before joining MBK as MIS Officer. He was promoted to Deputy Manager MIS in October 2010, before assuming his present position as Head of MIS in October 2011.

Joined MBK in 2008.

Ilham Ismail

Head of Reporting

Degree Accounting, University of Indonesia, Jakarta.

Ilham worked as Accounting Staff at PT Astakona Grahatama, Senior Assistant in Registered Public Accountants Riza, Wahono and Rekan, as Senior-2 at Registered Public Accountants Kanaka Puradiredja, Suhartono Affiliated NEXIA International and as Internal Audit & Compliance Manager at PT Carrefur Indonesia.

Joined MBK in 2012.