Suniti is just one example of many MBK clients which achieved success in their business activities. Born in 1969, this client could only reach grade six in school. Before joining MBK, Suniti sold fried rice and fried snacks in front of the school. When MBK entered this area in 204, Suniti registered straight away and joined her friends in forming a centre even though the centre meeting location was quite far from her house and business location. Her main motivation to join MBK was that there was no guarantee involved, and that the MBK staff provided a service enthusiastically and right up to her village.

Her first loan size was Rp 500,000 (USD 55), which she used immediately to increase her working capital. After a few years, Suniti helped form a new centre near her home. Every year, her business grew, so that by this time she added another business, that is selling clean water in gallons and selling stationery, toys and fashion accessories. Every day, Suniti can save Rp. 50.000 ($5.5). From this saving, Suniti is able to send her three children to school. Her first child has already completed senior secondary school, and is trying to enter the police academy, even though he has failed three times. At the moment, he is working as security guard at the International airport in Jakarta. Her second child is in his final year of senior secondary vocational school, while her last child is attending grade 5 at primary school.

Suniti is very grateful for the opportunity to obtain working capital from MBK, which has allowed her increase her business and her income, and to educate all her three children, as well as provide them with healthy food. According to Suniti, MBK’s presence in her locality has also improved the local economy and the economy of her neighbours. Suniti hopes to obtain an even larger loan of TRP 4 million (USD430) because she wants to sell cold drinks, which requires a Chiller, as well as to purchase more gallons for her water selling business.