Rohana retired as primary school teacher in Jakarta, and her husband, who lost his job at the airport, now lives in Bengkulu, Sumatra, and only visits home once a year. Before joining MBK, Rohana sold electricity cable upon request from her clients. Her house was only partly wall partly bamboo, and with a cement floor. Her five children have already all completed senior secondary school. In 2007, Rohana joined MBK, because of the small weekly instalment needed to repay her loan, and the opportunity to meet other persons in her centre, because she is a recent arrival in this locality.

She used her first loan of Rp. 600,000 (USD 65) to sell clothes on credit, in addition to adding capital for her usual electricity cable selling business. Now she has started a recycling buying and selling business. From her higher income, Rohana was able to improve her house, which is now all with brick walls, plastered and painted. She was able to provide tiles for the house floor, and for the some of the inside walls as well.

Rohana has experienced many changes since joining MBK. With a large working capital, her income has risen to provide for her daily needs and also to allow her to save. Her friends in her centre also feel that the MBK working capital has been very useful for them.