Duriah has only completed primary school. Before joining MBK, she sold noodles in front of her house, because she was still staying at her parents’ house. In 2004 Duriah joined MBK because there was no guarantee, and the weekly repayment was affordable.

She used her first loan of Rp. 500.000 (USD 55) to increase her noodle business, and also to sell fried snacks and cooked vegetables (gado-gado). She continued her food businesses in her second year, however in her third year she decided to sell clothes on credit. This business provided a higher margin, and she only had to go around once a week to collect her debts.

Duriah now owns her own house due to the higher income she has generated. She hopes to have continued access to MBK working capital, because her child has now entered grade 1 in primary school. Her husband is a casual driver with uncertain income. Duriah and her friends appreciate the availability of working capital from MBK. She hopes to obtain a loan of Rp 3 million (USD 320) to increase her business size.